Bench Rentals


Full Time Woodworker Bench $1295/mo

For the professional builder who needs more than 20 hours of shop time a month. You will be provided with a bench and storage for your personal use, 24 hour access to the entire shop as well as use of the gallery room. CNC services are additional.


Part Time Woodworker Bench $675/mo

For the builder who only needs 20 hours of shop time a month. You have access to the machine room and spray booth and are provided with a bench. CNC services and access to the gallery room are additional. Flexible scheduling is available.


Full Time Artisan Bench $675/ mo

This provides a bench in the main work area separate from the machine room. This space is less noisy and dusty as mostly hand tools are used in it. The spray booth is available for use but gallery room is additional.

Part Time Artisan Bench $100/ day

For the builder who just needs a space for the day or a short term project. We are flexible in accommodating your needs, send us a message for more details.

Special Event or Workshop

We have two spaces available for special events. The front area of the shop has a large communal table with three benches around it that can be used to host a workshop. The gallery room can also be used for presentations or classes. Send us a message for more details on the space and your needs. The machine room is not available for special events.